Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards

Awards @ IEA Annual Conference


Best paper awards

  • To enthuse and encourage young scholars, especially women scholars, and promote their academic pursuits, the IEA has instituted a practice of awarding Honorariums/prizes. Based on the papers presented during the Annual Conference, a total of three awards are presented for the best conference papers from among the four themes.
    About the Award

    1.Dr.Sushil Thakur Merit Award for best women author under the selected theme: A cash award of the value of Rs. 5,000/- along with a certifcate is awarded to a women author, instituted in the memory of Dr. Sushila Thakur,

    who, in her long career as a teacher of Economics in Delhi University, had contributed signifcantly to the areas of
    Gender Studies and Economic Policy.

    2. Professor T.S. Papola Merit Award: A cash award of the value of Rs. 5,000/- along with a certificate of appreciation,
    instituted in the name of the outstanding economist Prof. T.S. Papola.

    3. Smt. Lanka Sri Krishnan Merit Award: A cash award of the value of Rs. 5,000/- along with a certificate of appreciation, instituted in the memory of Smt. Lanka Sri Krishan, wife of Prof. L.K. Mohan Rao, former President Conference of the IEA.


    Conditions for the Awardees

  • Research papers from the Chairpersons/Presidents will not be considered for the award.

  • Dr. Sushila Thakur merit award will be awarded to women scholars below the age of 40 (as on 31st March of the year) and Prof. T.S. Papola merit award to those below the age of 50 (as on 31st March of the year).

  • Research papers should reach the President and General Secretary and Treasurer of the Indian Economic Association on or before the notified date, i.e. 30th September.
  • For the presentation of the awards, the Best Paper writer/Best Woman Paper Writer will be adjudged by The Awards Committee, with the President as its Chairperson, along with the General Secretary and Treasurer as the coordinator of the selection process. This Committee will be constituted by the President of the IEA.

  • The referee of each theme will select three best papers from each of the themes, which will be given to the Awards Committee. This Committee will then adjudge the best paper from the four papers given to it under each theme. This selection of the best paper would be made on the basis of the content and quality of the Paper and the presentation of the same, if required, in front of the jury member(s).

  • The General Secretary will be coordinating the entire process between the referee and the Awards Committee. He shall also ensure, after the assessment by the jury, that the awardee is informed well in advance to enable him/her to collect the Award in the next Annual Conference.
  • Note: Only the first author of a joint-paper shall be awarded the Cash Award, but certificates shall be given to co-authors also.