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Dear sir,

I request you kindly to enroll me as Patron /Donor/Life/ Ordinary/Member of the Indian Economic Association.

N.B. :

  • 1.The membership fees are as follows (w.e.f .1 January, 2016): For Indian National Patron ( for 10 years) 50,000 Donor (for 5 years) 25,000 Life 10,000 Ordinary (annual) 3000
  • 2.The membership fee should be paid either b y M.O. or Bank Draft payable in the name of the Indian Economic Association payable at Patna.
  • 3.Accounting year of Association is from 1st April to 31st March.
  • 4.An individual member shall be eligible for voting provided he/she has been a member for two consecutive years i.e., during the current year and the preceding year. The membership fee for the year received latest by the 1st December of the financial year will be included in the profile.
  • 5.A member is entitled to 4 electronic issues of Indian Economic Journal (e-journal) free of cost; Annual Conference Volume, Annual IEA Profile (free, provided the member has visited the annual conference to collect them in person) and other IEA publications at a discount.
  • 6.The membership would be confirmed or otherwise only after being placed before the Executive Committee (meeting usually held any time during September - November), after which the letters of membership confirmation or otherwise would be sent.
  • 7.Eligibility for Membership: Any post graduate in Economics or related subjects. (It can be given in notes)

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